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Mar 03, 2011 · Apparently this is a moment you share with a girlfriend, not a husband—not even the father of the bride-to-be. So, Justin of the Grugeon clan was going to ask me, leader of the Mendte clan, for .... Asking the father for permission to propose/marry his daughter 02 Aug 2022.

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Jun 21, 2017 · The study found that 77% of men asked for either the bride's father's or both parents' permission before proposing. This was up from 71% in 2011. A more recent survey, conducted by .... Asking a woman's father for permission is a formality. A loving, beautiful gesture of respect, symbolizing that this man recognizes that when he marries the woman, he marries her entire clan ....

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Dec 25, 2019 · According to the article, “while the traditional reasons for asking are now obsolete, popping the question to [a woman’s] father is a sign of respect and should be thought out and prepared for.”. The writer (a woman) gives some tips for overcoming any anxieties a guy may have for “popping the question” (ew) to his girl’s dad..

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Getting married is a huge step, and if your bride-to-be's father expects you to ask permission for her hand in marriage, it's a wonderful gesture to perform as a future son-in-law – even if it makes you a bit uncomfortable. For moral support, take comfort in these grooms, whose conversations asking for their daughter's hand in marriage with ....

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Once upon a time the question of whether or not a man should ask for his partner’s father’s permission to marry her was not a topic up for debate. It was a tradition honoured at all times by many cultures: a groom simply didn’t ask the bride for her hand in marriage, he asked her father. After all, she was his property!.

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CMV: Asking the parents (specifically the father) for permission to date or marry is inherently sexist..

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Answer (1 of 11): There is not a way to ask your intended’s father for permission to marry that is not sexist, misogynist, and demeaning. Let me repeat this: there is no non-sexist way to ask permission to marry this woman from anyone but the woman herself..

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August 14, 2002. There are traditions regarding asking the father of one’s beloved for her hand in marriage; however, these are almost ancient history. Engagement season comes around the holidays, but before the big question typically comes another: when the soon-to-be groom asks his significant other’s father for permission to marry his dau.

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but for the man being expected to ask the father for blatant permission to ask for the woman's hand in marriage just comes off as a sexist tradition. It always came off to me as though the daughter was the father's property and had to get her father's consent before being allowed to marry another man by ultimately her own free will.

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This woman might get annoyed if someone asked her parents. It's not important to me at all.I might even be annoyed if my SO asked. It's funny, because growing up in a small, religious town, it.

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It's an antiquated, sexist concept - why not ask the mother, too, if you're going to ask? But more to the point, since when is it the father's (or mother's) permission to give? It really is the ultimate act of 'patronizing," if you think about it. If I were a 21st Century woman I would find it repulsive. Parent's don't give us permission to do.

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